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The Candy Scholarship Fund has disbanded and is no more. Nov 1, 2017

Women writers of Western North Carolina, do you know about the Candy Maier Scholarship Fund? I have known women connected with the Candy fund for a few years now - before they had an online presence - and I support their work as they help women financially to attend workshops or writing conferences.

The Candy Fund offers scholarships to attend the NCWN Writers Conferences, classes at John C. Campbell Folk School for writers, and they will give scholarships for Writers Circle classes.

To apply for a scholarship you complete a form and write a short essay explaining why you need the scholarship. The Board of the Candy Fund must have your application in hand well before the date of the event because the Candy Fund Board must see the application to rule on it. 

Candy Fund leaders, Gwendie Camp(f. right) and Cheryl Diethrich (right, back)visited Murphy, NC , were hosted by Mary Ricketson, Mary Jo Dyer and Glenda Beall
In an article in a newspaper today I see where two new board members have been chosen for the Candy Fund.

The Candy Maier Fund: Scholarships for Women Writers, which awards scholarships to Western North Carolina residents to participate in shared writing experiences, announces two new members joining the Board of Directors.

Jane Dawson is a poet and has been an Asheville resident for six years. She brings extensive experience in financial management and will serve as Secretary-Treasurer. Jane looks forward to working with a non-profit that brings a sense of empowerment to other writers.

Betsy Fletcher, a personal essayist, moved to the area in 2009. Her connection to Western North Carolina covers forty years due to her connection with Camp Rockbrook and her love of mountains. Writing retreats at Lake Logan, facilitated by Peggy Millin, introduced her to Candy Maier, for whom the Fund is named. Betsy has an interest in innovative fund-raising.

Other members of the Board are Jennifer Browning, English Instructor at A-B Tech, Whitney George, writer and blogger, long-established author-editor Celia Miles and new author Martha McMullen. The Candy Fund welcomes both applications and donations throughout the year and currently has an opening for a Board member to begin in 2013. Please contact for further information. 

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