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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Congratulations, Pat Davis

I recommend that all writers read this post if you plan to submit a manuscript for publication. My friend, Pat Davis, has succeeded in finding a traditional publisher for her romantic mystery.

I met Pat at a NCWN Conference in 2007 while waiting for the elevator. I liked her immediately and when I found her home was Brevard, NC, we embraced her and welcomed her into the group of Netwest writers who had come to the conference. 

Pat lived in Pennsylvania at the time, but is now home again in Brevard. I hope to see her more often once she is settled in her new house.

You can find her blog link on the sidebar of this blog.

Take note of how many times she read her work and revised her work. Good writers are good re-writers.


  1. Glenda - Thank you so much for your announcement of my publishing contract! I apologize for my delayed response but the last few months have been beyond chaotic! You are so right to emphasize that editing and more editing are the keys to developing a publishable manuscript. The best part of attending the NCNW conference was meeting you and Nancy Cash - talented writers and treasured friends!

  2. Glenda - Thanks so much for announcing my publication contract! You're so right to emphasize the importance of editing and more editing. In fact, I'm doing another edit now! And I know it's not the last one. The best part of the NCWN conference was meeting you and Nancy Cash - gifted writers and treasured friends!


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