Friday, June 28, 2013

Author Events - What Do We Want?

Have you published a novel or memoir or non-fiction book?
Do you want to promote your book to the public? 

This article on NCWN blog is excellent concerning author presentations whether in book stores or other venues.
My favorite is the author talks where there is interchange between the writer and the audience, similar to what Deanna Klingel did at John Campbell folk school Thursday night.

Read the above article and go on to read the original post (follow the link at the end of the article) and tell us what you think?
What do you want when you go to hear and see an author? 

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Kathleen said...

I agree that author events should be categorized and that the public should be fully aware of which type is being offered. Having sat through some uncomfortable "signings" with my husband, Paul, I too would prefer to try an "author talk", since it puts everyone on a friendlier footing.