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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Self Published book makes NY Times best Seller List

While reading C. Hope Clark's Funds for WRiters newsletter today, I became excited about a conference on her itinerary. As I read about it, I found out it is this weekend, too late for me to attend.
But on the conference website I saw that the keynote speaker was a woman from Nebraska who had written and self published a novel which made the NY Times Best Seller List.

She has sold over 75, 000 copies - all online-  at 99 cents each. She has made lots of money and has refused to publish her second book by a traditional publisher. She also has an agent.
See the sidebar for a link to her story.

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  1. I met Victorine, that NYT bestselling author and we had pizza together on Friday night, talking about the country, cooking, chickens, you name it - LOL. She is a lovely woman indeed and so talented. She loves self-publshing and can tell you how to do it right. I love an author who knows what she wants to do.



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