Saturday, August 10, 2013

Terry Kay speaks at Byron Herbert Reece Society

If you know of Terry Kay, author of To Dance with the WhiteDog, made into a Hallmark movie, and many other terrific books, you will want to read this eloquent speech he gave at the Byron Herbert Reece Society annual meeting in June. I am delighted that it was printed on the website since I was unable to be there.

Terry Kay speaks to me in his books and in this address he gave to members of the society. I am thrilled to have met him, spoken to him and had him sign one of his books for me. I even have a photo with him.

He is a novelist, but he understands Reece because they share the same background. They both grew up on a farm in Georgia (as did I) and their dreams often developed from behind a mule and a plow. Visit this link to read Kay’s entire speech. Come back and let me know what you think. OK?


Bill Ramsey said...

All should, upon seeing this invitation, read this Terry Kay speech. I have been privileged to meet him and have read a couple of his wonderful books. The thoughts he shares in this speech certainly apply to writers. But they also apply to those whose lives seem to lack the rich pleasures that it presents to us on a daily basis. Thank you Mr. Kay for sharing this.

Humberto said...