Monday, January 18, 2016

Old Mountain Press anthologies for sale on Kindle @2.99

Old Mountain Press has been publishing anthologies of poetry and short prose for years now. Today all of those anthologies are for sale on Kindle for $2.99. 

These anthologies contain work by some of our best western NC writers and poets. One of my poems was published in the OMP book, A Funny Thing, a poetry and prose anthology. This is a book of humorous writing. Our NC Poet Laureate, Shelby Stephenson has a poem in this collection of funny pieces. 

Years ago OMP published one of my poems in the anthology, InThe Yard which is a poetry anthology. Glenda Barrett, a friend and local poet, was also published in this anthology. This book is available on Kindle.

Tom Davis of Old Mountain Press produces books for those who want to self-publish. On his website he tells the reader all she needs to know about how to self-publish and the costs that will be incurred. Visit his website: 

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