Monday, November 28, 2016

2017 is almost here. Who will be teaching at Writers Circle?

It will soon be time to start scheduling 2017 classes for Writers Circle around the Table.

Because our writing program, NCWN-West will hold a writers conference on Saturday, May 6, in Sylva, NC at the library, we will not begin our classes until June. 

We will hold at least one class each month from June through September. We might hold an online course this year. If you are new to  Writers Circle as I know some of you are, we bring in poets and writers who teach three hour workshops usually on Saturdays. 

You can see on this site some of the fine writers who have taught at Writers Circle in Hayesville NC. In 2016, Steven Harvey was one of our instructors. He also teaches an MFA program at Ashland College. Tara Lynne Groth taught a class on using social media for  writers. 

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