Monday, November 21, 2016

For Novelists - words from Claire Cook

Claire Cook writes about publishing and becoming an Indie Author.

If you write novels and plan to publish novels, I advise you to read this post on Jane Friedman's site. It is by Claire Cook, author of Must Love Dogs and many other books. I met Claire at the Blue Ridge Writers' Conference in Blue Ridge Georgia a few years ago. She  has built her readership mostly on Twitter, I think, and she is a  popular author.

In this article, she explains how the traditional publishing world failed her and why she left her agent who had been with her for years. She is a hybrid author, having published traditionally and now she controls her publishing with her own company. She is an independent author.

Claire gives us a picture of what is happening in the world of publishing today and why many authors are choosing to self-publish even though they have been with traditional publishers for many years. 

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