Sunday, July 8, 2018

Note to Self

Poetry chapbook published in 2009 by Finishing Line Press. Can be ordered from press or from author.

Everyday I learn new things and relearn things I forgot. Today I am posting a note to self: 
  • Look within yourself – what do you want to tell people? What is burning inside you that you just have to write about it? Write about something you really, really care about. 
  • Do the work. Writing takes dedication and hard work.
  • Ignore advice – Don’t revise according to negative advice from an editor. Only make changes when someone likes your writing and wants to help you make it better.
  • If your book is not picked up, look into self publishing. Have faith in yourself.
  • Go where the pain and pleasure are
  • Persevere - even when you feel you want to throw out your writing and walk away. Don't .
  • Make People Care
  • Let your inspiration guide you
  • Write two crappy pages a day. The good ones will follow.
  • Write a certain number of words each day – keep doing it and one day you will have a book. Do it as a job, a regular job. A famous author stopped doing a daily quota and now does a weekly quota. He takes one day a week off and will not write on that day.
  • Finish One Book. The first book is a learning experience. The second one will come easier
  • Risk the rejection – submit your work to an agent or publisher. Just keep on sending out your manuscript – even if you have sent it out five or six times.  
These ideas came from listening to famous authors talk about writing.

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