Sunday, March 24, 2019

Can you sell your short stories? How much do you charge for speaking engagements?

In my newsletter today from Tara Lynne Groth, I found this link to one of her posts. 
She writes short stories and is a freelance writer among other things. She has completed a short story collection and her work has won awards.

Many who write short stories could benefit from Short Story Marketing. Publications vary in what they pay and it can be frustrating trying to earn money from writing

At Tara Lynne's site, we find many past articles on writing. Today in her newsletter she addressed the question, How Much Should I Charge for a Speaking Engagement? She gives an answer and tells what she charges. She also tells what to charge for travel costs by car. Tara Lynne is a fount of information. I suggest that writers subscribe to her newsletter and read her blog posts. She doesn't fill your Inbox all the time, but when she sends out her news, it is filled with useful information.


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