Wednesday, January 29, 2020

How does compassion improve your writing?

The following is from the newsletter I receive from Maureen Ryan Griffin. She is a friend and I have followed her for many years.
I often think I feel too much compassion, but Mary Ann McSweeny says we must let ourselves feel more and let compassion lead us to dynamic writing. Thanks, Maureen, for this prompt today. Hope my writing friends will find it helpful as I have.

This is WordPlayso why not revel in the power and potential of one good word after another? This week, it's “compassion. 
Who or what do you feel compassion for? And how might compassion help you write about these subjects with substance?
Compassion deserves pondering by all of us sharing the planet.

PROMPT: Here is a great prompt directly from this week's featured writing from Brevity magazine, "What Do You Care About? How Compassion Leads to Dynamic Writing" by Mary Ann McSweeny:

Try this exercise as you discern what gives authenticity to your own writing:

Sit in a quiet place, eyes opened or closed, pencil and paper by your side.
Clear your mind of its busy-ness. Feel your heart space—calm, deep, full of wisdom.
Ask yourself: What do I care about? Let the answers arise in their own time and way.
Write down the things, concepts, or people that surface in the stillness. Choose one and take ten minutes to write about it.

Maureen Ryan Griffin


Elephant's Child said...

Empathy and its close cousin compassion are funamental to my life. Both can be painful, but I would be a lesser person without them.

Glenda Beall said...

Yes, EC, empathy and compassion are in my DNA, and can be painful. I just sent this post to a writer who is unmotivated right now to write. I hope it will help her bring up some of the stories from her past when she had compassion and empathy or felt it from others.