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Saturday, December 25, 2021

Christmas Eve 2021

As this Christmas Eve is nearly over, I feel the spiritual side of myself rise up and even though I can't attend church these days I feel deeply about my Christian upbringing. I watch services online and sing along with the lovely music of Christmas.

I was raised to love not to hate, to give and be generous where and when I can. I was taught to care about those who are less fortunate and lend a helping hand when I can. I think of my parents who lived these examples I try to follow. They didn't preach to us, but their lives were lessons for their children. 

Tonight as a dear friend waits for her transition with Hospice caregivers and her children and other family members nearby, I know her faith in God has kept her strong as she fought cancer for the past miserable year. Although her passing will not be blamed on COVID-19, she and other family members caught the virus about a month ago. None of them were vaccinated. She said her doctor did not want her to take the vaccine because she was taking chemotherapy. 

Tonight we felt the danger close to us.  Although none of the three of us, Gay, Stu, or I have symptoms, Gay and Stu were exposed to someone in their church choir who now tests positive. They found home tests tonight although you could not purchase one in Roswell anywhere, and both tested negative. 

Gathering with people outside your bubble is the way folks catch this illness it seems. It only takes one person to infect a group of people. Christmas Day might be very different from the way we planned it. Although we have been triple vaxed, with Omicron surging, it is difficult to feel safe. 

This virus is hitting close to home now and I see myself going into hibernation again. But the bright spot is tonight I am sleeping in my apartment for the first time. I feel like I am staying in a nice hotel. Lexie is not sure this is where she should be. She goes back and forth, upstairs and down. Dogs are interesting creatures. She senses so many things such as when I am packing for a trip, when I am going in the car and she can go with me, when it is time for her to eat, to sleep, and when I go in the kitchen for anything, she begins tossing her toys in the air and wanting me to play with her. Perhaps she is excited that I am not in front of a computer screen and she can get my attention.

I hope my readers, my blogging friends, and other friends, will have safe, happy, and healthy holidays and we can start the new year, 2022, with joy and happiness. 

Merry Christmas,